The Basic Bra - English

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The Basic Bra is a bra with a simple look and a comfortable fit. 

The bra is knitted in cashmere wool which ensures that it will not scratch against your naked skin, as well as it is breathable, directs moist away from your body and is soft to wear.

The bra is knitted from the bottom up. The band under the breast is knitted in the round in ribbing, and based on your individual measurements. When the cleavage has been knitted the work is split in two parts and the cups are knitted individually. The only mounting in the entire bra, is the mounting of the straps. 

The knitting tension on needle size 2,5 is: 10 x 10 cm = 27 sts / 44 rows.

Needles and accessories

  • 1 circular needle size 2, 40 cm.
  • 1 circular needle or two ordinary needles size 2,5 (length is unimportant)
  • 2 double-pointed needles size 2,5
  • 1 big stitch holder
  • 1 tape measure
  • 4 stitch markers or safety pins
  • 1 scissor
  • A wide elastic band, min. 5 cm. 
  • A safety pin 
  • 1 tapestry needle to mount yarn ends
  • You may need a stitch wire, else you can use a string of thicker yarn in a different colour.
  • You can use the app Knitting Helper for calculation for increase/decreases.


About the sizes:

The rib band sitting under the breast, is knitted after your measurements. The sizes are therefore only for the size of your breasts and thereby the cups to knit. 

Help to determine the cup sizes
A good way to determine which cup size is suitable for you, is to measure from the middle under one of your breasts and up to where you wish for your strap to begin. Compare this measure with the height of the cup given below. We have calculated the strap to start a few centimetres under the height of the armpit. Another indicator can be the height of the pleat. This should be measured from the band and up to the widest point around your chest.

Size S:

Height of the pleat = 4,5 cm

Vertical height of the cup (from band to strap) =  13cm

Size M:

Height of the pleat = 5,5 cm

Vertical height of the cup (from band to strap) =  16cm

Size L:

Height of the pleat = 6,5-7 cm

Vertical height of the cup (from band to strap) =  19cm

Size XL:

Height of the pleat = 7,5 cm

Vertical height of the cup (from band to strap) =  21cm


Yarn suggestion
We suggest the following yarn:

Englegarn Cashmere Fine: 50g (50g) 75g (75g)
Yardage: 170m/25g


Gepard Cashmere Me: 50g (50g) 75g (75g)
Yardage: 180m/25g

Please note: Cashmere is nice and soft to wear against the skin. Therefore it is our clear recommendation to follow this yarn suggestion. It cannot be guaranteed that the bra will not scratch against your skin if knitted in other qualities than 100% cahsmere.