The Wrap Bra / Top - English

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The Wrap Bra/Top is a cosy, classic piece of underwear in a wrap design.

This pattern includes both the pattern for the bra and the top.

The Wrap is knitted in cashmere wool which ensures that it will not scratch against your naked skin, as well as it is breathable. 

The Wrap is knitted from the top down and both cups and the body  is knitted after your own measurements for enhanced comfort and fit. The top/bra is first knitted in two pieces, as the cups are knitted individually.

The knitting tension on needle size 3 is:  30 sts/10 cm measured in stocking stitch.

Needles and accessories

  • 1 circular needle size 3, 40 cm or 60 cm
  • 1 circular needle size 2.5, 40cm or 60 cm, if you wish to knit the top version
  • 2 double-pointed needles size 3 
  • 1 regular needle size 3, for joining the cups
  • 1 stitch wire
  • 1 stitch holder
  • 1 elastic band with a width of 5 to 6.5 cm, if you wish to knit the bra version
  • 1 stitch markers
  • 1 tape measure
  • 1 scissor
  • 1 tapestry needle to mount yarn ends
  • You might need an elastic thread to sew the drawstring together


The Wrap Bra and The Wrap Top is knitted after your measurements throughout. Both cups are knitted from the top down and are stopped when you consider them to be the appropriate size for your breasts. Similarly is the band knitted after your measurements. 

An estimated amount of yarn needed is given with basis in your regular size clothing for tops and similar:

The Wrap Bra:

S = approx. 50g

M = approx. 75g

L = approx. 100g

The Wrap Top: 

S = approx. 75g

M = approx. 100g

L = approx. 125g


Yarn suggestion

1 thread Cashmere Premium, Lang Yarn (yardage 25g=115m)


1 thread Cashmere Luxury Line, Laines du Nord (yardage = 25g=100m)


3 threads of Cashmere Lace, Gepard (yardage 25g = 350m)


Please note: Cashmere is nice and soft to wear against the skin. Therefore it is our clear recommendation to follow this yarn suggestion. It cannot be guaranteed that the bra will not scratch against your skin if knitted in other qualities than 100% cahsmere.