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The Anna Top - English

The Anna Top - English

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The Anna Top is a simple and lightweight knitted top that softly contours your body.

This versatile knit top features a reversible design, allowing the deep V-neckline to be worn as either a front plunge or a deep back, depending on the occasion, mood, or preference.

With its soft touch, it's perfect as an undergarment in colder months and breathable in warmer months. A top suitable for various situations and a faithful companion.

The Anna Top is named after Sarah's grandmother, Anna, who has been our most loyal and steadfast knitting assistant over the years.

This pattern is based on your own measurements. For this reason there are no direct size scales and therefore it is our clear recommendation that you try on the top as many times as necessary throughout the process of knitting it to ensure a perfect fit. 

NB: The Anna Top is reversible. Wear it as a deep neckline or as an open back. Throughout the pattern we will be referring to the v-cut as the front-part of the top as it is the easiest way of measuring the fit while knitting.

The Anna Top is knitted bottom-up, starting with the hem and proceeding to the stomach section.

Gepard Cashmere Lace (100% cashmere)
Length / weight: 350m/25g

The Annal Top is knitted using your own measurements, but we have calculated the following estimation to help you find the correct amount of yarn.

S = a stomach circumference of 70-75 cm + 45 cm length: 50-75g
M = a stomach circumference of 76-84 cm + 50 cm length: 75g
L = a stomach circumference of 85-95 cm + 55 cm length: 75-100g
XL = a stomach circumference of 96-107 cm + 60 cm length: 100-125g
XXL = a stomach circumference of 108-120 cm + 60 cm length: 125-150g

The Anna Top is knitted in stockinette stitches on a 3,5 mm needle.
The tension is 23 sts x 52 needles = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting needles and accessories

  • 1 circular needle 3mm, 40cm.
  • 1 circular needle 3,5mm, 40cm.
  • 1 double pointed needle 3,5mm
  • 1 smaller circular needle or double pointed needle of own choice
  • 1 long wire from your needle or a long stitch holder cord.
  • 2 short stitch holder cords.
  • 4 stitches markers (or safety pins)
  • 1 blunt needle
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    Frequently asked questions

    How does the individual sizing work?

    This differs from pattern to pattern, but oftentimes we ask you to measure underneath your bust and across your bust. Then we offer a calculation based on the knitting tension and this in turn tells you e.g. how many stitches you should cast on for your band. 

    Other times, it’s measuring the cups to your body and stopping when you feel they give the coverage you prefer. For some of our patterns we have created an Excel sheet where you simply type in your measurements and it provides you with the amount of stitches, cast-ons ect. Going forward we will optimise this and add it to more patterns. 

    Can I knit in other types of yarn than cashmere?

    Of course you can! 

    We recommend cashmere because while researching many different yarn types, cashmere was the yarn that was the softest against the skin for the longest duration of time. Also cashmere on small needles tends to give a more tight knitted, elegant look, that we feel are perfect for our designs.But as long as you match the knitting tension to whatever yarn you are using, you can use whatever yarn you want. 

    How much support do your bras give?

    The bras give the same support as a soft, wireless bra. However there are no strap adjustments in the patterns yet, so we generally recommend you knit the straps 5-10 cm shorter than you normally would, so they can ease.

    I have a bigger bust, will your bras work for me?

    Our bras are meant as a soft, wireless alternative to regular bras.  If you need more support for your bust than a soft bra can give you, we suggest you wear a regular bra underneath your nakedknit bra.