The Everyday Top - English

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The Everyday Top is a simple top, which can be used as both undergarment and as a top. Cashmere works well to insulate when it is cold outside, while it directs heat away from your body when the seasons change. 

Additionally the top can easily be styled in different manners to match both your need and style. The Everyday Top is both aesthetically simple, as well as constructed in a simple manner. 

The Everyday Top is knitted from the bottom and up. At the bottom a hem is created, which will be folded after finalising the knitwear. The entire stomach section is knitted in circular in stocking stitches. When the desired length is reached, the work is divided in two and the cups are knitted separately finishing with the straps.

The knitting tension on needle size 3 is: 27sts x 44 rows = 10 x 10cm.

Needles and accessories:

  • 1 circular needle size 3, 60 cm.
  • 2 double pointed needles size 3
  • 1 tapestry needle to mount yarn ends/stich in the bottom hem
  • 1 stitch holder
  • 1 measuring tape
  • 1 stitch marker

Yarn suggestion:

Englegarn Cashmere Fine (50 (50) 75 g)

Yardage: 170m/25g

The Everyday Top is knitted based on your measurements, but an estimated amount of yarn is:

S (M) L = 75g-100g (100g-150g) 125g-175g 



Please note: Cashmere is nice and soft to wear against the skin. Therefore it is our clear recommendation to follow this yarn suggestion. It cannot be guaranteed that the bra will not scratch against your skin if knitted in other qualities than recommended.