The Foxy Bra - English

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The Foxy Bra is a simple and elegant bra.

The bra is knitted following an intuitive construction from the top down, which makes it easy to try on along ,the way and secure the best fit. 

Our hope is that the bra is suitable for new knitters. Furthermore, the bra is knitted using your own measurements, so that it will fit you, and your body, perfectly.

The Foxy Bra is knitted with a light and airy tension on the cups and a narrow band using seed stitches, which gives the bra a light and beautiful look. The triangular straps and the tall cups give the bra a comfortable fit and can offer a lovely insulating layer in the colder months. The wedge in each cup, and the slight overlap between the cups, gives the The Foxy Bra an elegant look.

Knitting needles and accessories

  • 1 circular needle 2,75 mm, the exact length is not important
  • 1 circular needle 2 mm, 40cm
  • 3 stitch holder thread (Alternatively, you can use a thick strand of yarn in a contrasting color Knitting elastic)
  • A blunt needle to secure loose ends
  • A measuring tape
  • A stitch marker (or safety pin


    Englegarn Cashmere (100% cashmere)

    Length / weight: 170m/25g

    Because the bra is knitted based on your own measurements, the actual amount of yarn you’ll need might differ from what is described here and will depend on the circumference of your stomach and the size of your bust. Our recommendation is therefore to always buy an extra skein of yarn. This way, you can be sure that all your yarn will have the exact same color. You will usually be able to return unopened skeins.

    Furthermore, the model pictured in these instructions is knitted in two different colors – blush pink and white in the same cashmere yarn. If you have leftover yarn you want to use, or simply want to add contrast to the back of the straps, as shown in the pictures here, you can knit the bra in two different colors instead of one.

    (The colors pictured in these instructions are: 3⁄4 in one color – here in blush pink – and 1⁄4 in a contrasting color – here in a white cashmere.)

    The Foxy Bra is knitted based on your own measurements, but this is an estimation of the amount of yarn you’ll need:

    S = a stomach circumference of 70-75 cm: 50g
    M = a stomach circumference of 76-84 cm: 50g
    L = a stomach circumference of 85-95 cm: 75g
    XL = a stomach circumference of 96-107 cm: 100g
    XXL = a stomach circumference of 108-120 cm: 100-125g

    NB! Cashmere feels soft and delicate against the skin. We therefore strongly urge you to follow the suggestion and use the yarn listed above. We can’t guarantee that the bra won’t feel itchy if you use a different kind of wool than the yarn suggested in this pattern.


    The Foxy Bra is knitted using stocking stitches on a 2,75 needle. The tension is 28 sts x 44 n = 10 x 10 cm