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The Knot Top - English

The Knot Top - English

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The Knot Top is a simple and versatile wrap knit top or wrap knit bra that can be tied across your bust or upper body. It was developed with the desire to create a versatile top that can be used in a wide range of ways – depending on style, temperature, function and personal preferences.

That’s why the idea behind this top is that you can use it from both the front and the back, and turn it to have both the right side or the wrong side facing out, twist, tie and style it in any way you’d like.

The top is knitted sideways and can be tailored in both height and length to fit your personal preferences. If you are dreaming of a top resembling a bikini, you can make it more narrow across your chest, and if you instead dream of a top that provides a bit more coverage with an attention grabbing bow, you can make it extra wide and long.

The Knot Top is beginner friendly because of its easy design without any construction on a 3,5 mm needle and is created from a simple and systematic approach that is easy to follow.

Knitting needles and accessories

  • Double pointed needle or circular needle 3,5 mm
  • A blunt needle to secure loose ends
  • A measuring tape


nakedknit cashmere 112 (112m/25g)


Lang Yarn Cashmere Premium (115 m/25g)


 22 m/10 cm in stocking stitches on a 3,5 mm needle.


The Knot Top is knitted based on your own measurements and is created in one piece – from the tip of one triangle to the tip of the other, where you knit increases to suit the desired height of the top as well as the length. Based on this, the amount of yarn you’ll need is highly individual, but to give you an indication of what you’ll need, here’s an estimation:

The estimated amount of yarn you’ll need is calculated based on the foundation of a average upper body size (here indicated as sizes S (a stomach circumference of approx. 70-75 cm), M (a stomach circumference of approx. 76-84 cm), L (a stomach circumference of approx. 85-95 cm), XL (a stomach circumference of approx. 96-107 cm) and XXL (a stomach circumference of approx. 108-120 cm).

Apart from this, the amount of yarn you’ll need will be determined by the length you want to add to the top – whether you want the “flat” piece of the top to cover your chest from one armpit to the other, or whether you want the top to wrap around your body (see images below for reference). The weight examples indicated with each size includes enough length for the “flat” part to reach across either your chest or fit the entire circumference of your upper body.

S = approx. 100g or 125-150g

M = approx. 125g or 175g

L = approx. 150g or 200-225g

XL = approx. 175g or 225-250g

XXL = approx. 200g or 275-300g 

Because the top is knitted based on your own measurements, the actual amount of yarn you’ll need might differ from what is described here and will depend on the length and height of the top. Our recommendation is therefore to always buy an extra skein or two of yarn. This way, you can be sure that all your yarn will have the exact same colour. You will usually be able to return unopened skeins. 

NB! Cashmere feels soft and delicate against the skin. We therefore strongly urge you to follow the suggestion and use the yarn listed above. We can’t guarantee that the bra won’t feel itchy if you use a different kind of wool than the yarn suggested in this pattern.


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Stuff you are probably wondering about

Frequently asked questions

How does the individual sizing work?

This differs from pattern to pattern, but oftentimes we ask you to measure underneath your bust and across your bust. Then we offer a calculation based on the knitting tension and this in turn tells you e.g. how many stitches you should cast on for your band. 

Other times, it’s measuring the cups to your body and stopping when you feel they give the coverage you prefer. For some of our patterns we have created an Excel sheet where you simply type in your measurements and it provides you with the amount of stitches, cast-ons ect. Going forward we will optimise this and add it to more patterns. 

How much support do your bras give?

The bras give the same support as a soft, wireless bra. However there are no strap adjustments in the patterns yet, so we generally recommend you knit the straps 5-10 cm shorter than you normally would, so they can ease.

Can I knit in other types of yarn than cashmere?

Of course you can! 

We recommend cashmere because while researching many different yarn types, cashmere was the yarn that was the softest against the skin for the longest duration of time. Also cashmere on small needles tends to give a more tight knitted, elegant look, that we feel are perfect for our designs.But as long as you match the knitting tension to whatever yarn you are using, you can use whatever yarn you want. 

Do you have video tutorials for your patterns?

We share tutorials in our Instagram highlights and we have started a YouTube channel, where going forward will share a lot more tutorials and tips to your patterns. If you have any suggestions or wishes for methods or specific patterns we should do a tutorial for, please let us now