The Luna Bralette - English

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The Luna Bralette is a simple and elegant bralette with one shoulder.

The pattern is based on your personal measurements. Furthermore, the bralette can be knitted in both a short, medium or long version. The bralette can, in other words, be knitted to fit your body, wishes and needs.

Additionally, The Luna Bralette is knitted in the characteristic, soft cashmere yarn – so that the top can be worn as the inner layer in the cold months or alone as a top in the warmer months.


Lang Yarn Cashmere Premium (115 m/25g)


Englegarn Cashmere (112 m/25 g)


3 strands Gepard Cashmere Lace (350 m/25g) 

Because the top is knitted based on your own measurements, the actual amount of yarn you’ll need will depend on the circumference, and size, of your bust. The length you want your top to have, will also affect the amount of yarn you’ll need. Our recommendation is therefore to always buy an extra skein of yarn. This way, you can be sure that all your yarn will have the exact same colour. You will usually be able to return unopened skeins.

A rough estimate is therefore the following:


S = a stomach circumference of 70-75 cm: 50g

M = a stomach circumference of 76-84 cm:  75g

L = a stomach circumference of 85-95 cm: 100g

XL = a stomach circumference of 96-107 cm: 125-150g

 XXL = a stomach circumference of 108-120 cm: +150g


Knitting needles and accessories 

  • Circular needle 3 mm, 40 cm or 60 cm
  • Circular needle 2,5 mm, 40 cm
  • 2 stitch holder cords
    Alternatively, you can use a thick strand of yarn in a contrasting colour
  • A stitch marker – a safety pin is a good choice, as you can use it again later.
  • Knitting elastic or pant elastic (1 cm) – it’s up to you what ‘hold’ you prefer from the lower edge of the top.
  • A safety pin
  • A blunt needle to secure loose ends / sew the folded edges


Tension on a 3 mm needle in stocking stitches: 26m  = 10cm