The Shell Top - English

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The Shell Top is a top with the characteristic graphic pattern across the bust that you’ll also find on The Shell Bra. 

The Shell Top is a modified version that works perfectly as an inner layer in the cold months and a soft, breathable top as the outer, or only, layer during the warmer months – how you use it is entirely up to you.

The top is knitted sideways, which makes it easier to create the cups in the desired length and width, as well as to knit the perfect circumference for you and your body. The soft rib knit cups are kept in place with a thin elastic that is secured under the bust. The elastic is sewn into the top from the back and will remain invisible.

On knitting needles and accessories 

  • One circular needle 3 mm 
  • Two double pointed needles 3 mm
  • One stitch marker
  • One stitch holder
  • One measuring tape
  • One scissor
  • One thin elastic to be placed under the bust.
  • One blunt needle to sew and secure the loose ends 
  • One cable stitch holder, or alternatively, a thicker yarn in a different color than you are using for the top. 


We suggest using the following yarn:

Englegarn Cashmere 100g (125g) 150g
Length / weight: 112m/25g




Laines du Nord, 100% Cashmere, Luxury Line  100g (125g) 150g

Length / weight: 100m/25g 


NB! Cashmere feels soft and delicate against the skin. We therefore strongly urge you to follow the suggestion and use the yarn listed above. We can’t guarantee that the bra won’t feel itchy if you use a different kind of wool than the yarns suggested in this pattern.


The tension in this pattern doesn’t correspond with the tension in the yarn listed above. The reason for this is that we have chosen to knit the top on a 3 mm needle for a more tightly knitted look. The tension we are using here is the following: 10 cm = 29 sts, measured in stocking stitches.



Size S

Vertical cup measurement =  8-12 cm


Size M:  
Vertical cup measurement =  10-17 cm

Size L:  
Vertical cup measurement =  13-24 cm



NB! The size chart is indicated as a form of cup size and may differ from your normal clothing sizes. The described sizes S/M/L refers to your bust and not the circumference of your chest or the measurement across your shoulders. The cup sizes (referred to as S/M/L) should therefore be viewed as describing your bust, separately from your overall upper body measurements. The band across your ribcage, and the straps, will be adjusted along the way and tailored to your body.

The width of each cup will be tailored to your individual bust and the process of how to do this will be described in the instructions. It can be helpful to measure your bust before deciding on your size to make sure you are making the right choice.